Monday, 25 November 2013

Goodbye for Now

You guys, I know I kind of quit already, but I'm here to make it clear and cut the crap off. Ok, I'm so sorry for not posting in like MONTHS, but I'm in the middle of my A-levels. It was a crappy idea to start at this time. 
I didn't know the amount of work I'd have to do would be this scary, especially in Year 13 doing 3 sciences and a humanity (I'm doing 4 subjects unlike most people who do 3, so that's extra work).
And don't worry, I won't be leaving you forever. I will be back when I get to Uni and will finally have time for socialising, hobbies and this! I love doing this, I love writing, I hope you know that. I have a hundred new ideas ready to burst out to make this shit site much better. It will just take time, that's all.

I won't be leaving 100% - the Teen Bloggers community needs to be updated and spam-unmarked every few weeks, and I still want to read some of these guys' awesome stuff. I also made a few friends like Ani Sana and Anya Felix, they are two sweet and very talented girls. I will still talk to you over Teen Bloggers though!

I might upload a post once in a (long) while, just to stay sane :)
See you
Kisses x

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