Monday, 25 November 2013

Goodbye for Now

You guys, I know I kind of quit already, but I'm here to make it clear and cut the crap off. Ok, I'm so sorry for not posting in like MONTHS, but I'm in the middle of my A-levels. It was a crappy idea to start at this time. 
I didn't know the amount of work I'd have to do would be this scary, especially in Year 13 doing 3 sciences and a humanity (I'm doing 4 subjects unlike most people who do 3, so that's extra work).
And don't worry, I won't be leaving you forever. I will be back when I get to Uni and will finally have time for socialising, hobbies and this! I love doing this, I love writing, I hope you know that. I have a hundred new ideas ready to burst out to make this shit site much better. It will just take time, that's all.

I won't be leaving 100% - the Teen Bloggers community needs to be updated and spam-unmarked every few weeks, and I still want to read some of these guys' awesome stuff. I also made a few friends like Ani Sana and Anya Felix, they are two sweet and very talented girls. I will still talk to you over Teen Bloggers though!

I might upload a post once in a (long) while, just to stay sane :)
See you
Kisses x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Internet slamming: Seriously?

Let me tell a poem. It's what many Facebook replies look like kids:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fuck you

"Welcome to the Internet" is one very popular Facebook page, posting funny pictures and statuses every few hours. Not gonna lie, I do like that page. The photos aren't the good bit though, the comments are! Many times they make me laugh, not just think 'lol'.
However, it's become this new 'craze' to be an asshole. Let me give you an example. 

Jim: This post is racist, why are you telling black people that they are all thugs and thief's?
Paul: Butthurt fag
Monique: The amount of butthurt here omg, stop being a fucking emo kid and have fun. everybody else is laffink!

The thing is, when there's a racist, homophobic or offensive or sexist (etc.) post, someone speaks out - and the people who slam this person are usually straight, white and male. I'm not being rude, I'm being truthful. No person is better than anyone, but if the post is highly offensive, you won't understand unless you're in the situation.

Now there's a difference between being butthurt and being actually hurt. Racist, homophobic and sexist jokes CAN be funny. But the lines aren't blurred (cheesy), once you cross them, it's too much. I won't go into detail and give examples this time because I don't want to spread hate like that, not on my blog.

Then there's people who comment other things. Basically, whatever you comment - opinions, fun facts, 'I just had pizza' kind of thingses - you WILL get shat at. And it's not a nice experience. When these people run out of things to say, or when there's nothing they can think of, the response can easily be just 'Die, asshole'. Just witnessed that today. How original and creative, right?

Come on people, seriously? There's nothing witty or clever about hateful comments with no point, or just putting someone else down. If you don't like it, be mature and speak like a human - don't start swearing like a douche for no good reason, using caps, use that 'oh-I'm-so-much-fucking-better-than-you' tone or just put the user down.

To people who are good hearted and understand, thanks! Keep doing your thang! And to people who enjoy hurting others via the net - for what, likes? Attention? A warm feeling?...

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Spring Breakers: Review slash Opinion

Being slow at everything basically, I only just got around watching Spring Breakers and I must say, what I saw was what I expected.
Just knowing it was Korine who's behind the directing told me that this wasn't going to be another slimy movie about slutty college girls enjoying their spring break a little too much the way it was made out to be (well, it was, but with a 'deeper meaning', apparently).
Srsly tho?
And surely... I've googled it right after I finished watching, finding out that shiz loads of people 'didn't get it' and thought 'it made no sense'. But surely that was the point of it. Spring Breakers tricked teenagers into seeing an art movie. Hence the mixed up scenes, repetitions and weird behaviour of characters.
I also think it sucked that Selena Gomez's character went home. I mean, it's good for the kids, but I think she wasn't the best choice of actor. The first grown up role should be softer and more innocent, but done to the maximum. And escalate from there. Like a minor role on Glee or Gossip girl (if it still existed *sob*).
Also, did you know the chick with pink hair is the director's wifey? Shiiaaattt. If I were a boy I'd be traumatized if I found a video of my other half flashing her boobs to the world, let alone allow it happen! Oh well, we're all different.
Selena was being babied, Rachel was the leader kind of character, Vanessa played the biggest slut and I cannot look at Ashley the same while watching PLL now #nohatetho
So what I found out: James Franco is a great actor. Harmony Korine has a really young wife. Two girls in yellow bikinis and neon head masks didn't get shot against many experienced gangsters. And Vanessa Hudgens does the worst ever sex noise (no hate tho, but seriously).
Finally, the rating from me would probably be two stars out of five. The movie didn't completely suck, but it didn't give me anything either. Either the message was so hidden that neither I nor anyone's comment I read on the net found it, or it was just that. Don't murder. Have fun - but not too much fun. Even drug dealing guys with guns and popcorn bitches have feelings. Meh. 
Where did 4 stars come from though? Lolwhut.

Still, it didn't stink as much as everyone says it does. If you're curious, watch it. If not, don't waste your time.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Story: I wish my sister would never exist

Lisa held her head in her hands. I can't take this anymore, she thought. I just love her, but she makes my life a nightmare. I just wish she'd never exist!
And Lisa honestly didn't hate Cassandra, her fraternal twin sister. She loved her too much, that was her problem. Seeing Cassandra do what she was, well, doing, made Lisa miserable and sometimes she just wished that Cassandra could somehow disappear - not because she wanted her dead, but so that she never had to care for her, and that it never had to hurt to see her sister like that.
Every evening, Cassandra would sneak out of her wood framed windows and meet up with her friends. And they did things, things that didn't exactly have a parental approval. They would smoke anything that can be rolled, drink bottles of pure vodka and rum, pour salt on snails, and finally fall asleep in the woods - often with each other! 
Poor Lisa wasn't sure what upset her the most - the fact that Cassandra turned into a slutty drug addict, or that she wasn't invited along. Like, why doesn't her sister, the second her, talk to her? Isn't she trust worthy? Do Cassandra's mates take her for a prissy loser?
The worst part was, that although Lisa and Cassandra were twins - shared a DNA, laughs, a car, friends (or at least Lisa thought), clothes and a room until they were 14 - they weren't close at all. Not even a little bit. They never talk about boys, their secrets, emotions, or, God forbid, sex. That was beyond awkward. So how on earth could she possibly confront Cassandra about how she saw her sneaking out in the middle of the night, and how she knows what she's been up to because she followed her all the way to those fucking woods - eight times? Cassandra would never understand that she was trying to look for answers; let alone forgive her!
The thing was, Lisa really wanted her and her sister to bond, but how? Like Hey, let's talk about how many people you've slept with - she'd rather lick the insides of a worm her biology teacher dissected the week before. Kill me.
'Damn it Cassandra!' Lisa cried, double checking through her door to be positive that she was home alone. 'Why are you doing this to me? Why am I so attached to you?' Somehow, screaming out loud helped just a little bit.
And it was impossible for Lisa to just leave her sister to do as she pleased - she cared about her too much. It was also impossible to talk to Cassandra about this situation. Or their parents - that would mean ratting out, and she would never face her twin after how she stalked and obsessed with her night life.
So, what should Lisa do?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section, so we can finish this story!

Friday, 19 July 2013

5 Myths about Being a Model

1. You barely eat and count every calorie
That is absolutely untrue! Models pose for hours on the same spot, which, believe it or not, makes you go dizzy after a while without food! All humans need nutrients do function (thanks bio class). Models eat food like every other person, but keep a healthy diet. It just depends on the model's digestion system, activity and specialisation (eg. face models must be careful not to eat food that creates pimples). 

2. You must be tall and skinny
Although classic catwalk models sadly do have to fit into this criteria, there are tons of modelling for all shapes and sizes! Be it a clothing catalogue, a fashion magazine or even a phone app advert - there's a spot for everyone with motivation!

3. You must have the 'perfect' face
If you look at photos of models, most of them don't have big eyes, full lips and perfectly arched eyebrows. That is the beauty of modelling - agencies look for girls with imperfections that can be turned into a strong trademark - like Cara's thick eyebrows, Kate's far-away eyes, Cindy's mole, and many other model's with an original facial structure!
If you have no noticeably special features or think you look plain (but I know you don't), that's awesome too! Your face will be like a blank canvas which can be turned into many different looks! Consider yourself lucky!

4. You get to be a diva
Absolutely not! If you think you're gonna snap your fingers, say 'get that disgusting thing you call a dress out of my face' and demand only blue drinks and pink foods, you're fooling yourself. Your job is to model, not speak your opinion on the other people's jobs. That is rude and in any profession, being rude is not an option. Just like a cleaner must mop the floors, you must go along with everything you're told - yes, even have your hair cut in a pixie crop if it's required! It is tough, but you've gotta suck it up - many girls can take your place!

5. A model's life is super-glamorous
Being a model is exciting, but not as glam as you may think. Think of it as an egg, all smooth on the outside but runny and messy on the inside (ok, not exactly a great metaphor so give me other ideas). The bad side of modelling is what people tend to overlook. You have to travel all the time (without checking out the monuments and shit), so you have no time for family. You have to wear stuff you may not feel comfortable in, like a skimpy outfit or no clothes at all! You get unmercifully criticised on the way you look all the time (wow, it's cool guys, I don't have feelings or anything). It can be depressing as you're treated as though you are not human, but an object. You get rejected All. The. Time. and have to spend loads of money on travel costs to auditions. These are just a fraction of the disadvantages. 
However, if you're ready for all that, go for it! Every job has its down sides, this is just to show you that modelling won't make you happier.

Kisses I x

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Futuristic Barbie?

Sure, it's a doll. Just a piece of plastic with horse hair. Most 7-year-olds don't care about her unrealistic waist size, but about what Malibu additional swimsuit to buy and which house Barbie will fit into. Barbie is a fashion doll.

As much as that makes sense, the reality is, the figure of this mini lady affects kids. A lot. Seeing the toy sets an image of what 'perfection' is. What if Barbie suddenly came with massive feet? Over a long period of time, people would probably start getting foot surgeries to enlarge them.
I can go on for ages about how dangerous Barbie is, but let's move on.
Let's just evaluate her body:

  • Too-tall (for her body, she wouldn't be able to live, let alone walk!)
  • Tiny feet
  • Flat belly
  • Massive tigh gap (although this is needed so her legs can be mobile and kids can play with her)
  • Extremely skinny
  • Yet has big boobs, curvy hips and her butt isn't flat
  • Don't even get me started on her face yo
ANYWAY, getting depressed over this won't help. Creating a realistic design might!
Thanks to amazing Nickolay Lamm who created, using photoshop and 3D printers, a realistic, healthy-looking Barbie. She is a glorious copy of the average 19-year-old. They even changed her face and everything! Next to the alien-skinny Barbie, the healthy doll looks big, but in reality, she would be normal size!
And Demi has been amazing supporting this idea (Although she may be a little confused, this Barbie is not the new official, it's still just an idea that will hopefully become reality soon).  
Click right here to read more and enjoy more pics! (Oh and ignore JonaD in the comments, he/she is a bit of a loony).
This is not to say that skinny girls aren't beautiful too - everyone has the right to feel beautiful. But the original Barbie doll just isn't realistic, even for the skinniest girl walking this planet.

Saturday, 22 June 2013


I had all my AS Level exams so I've been super busy..
But now I'm going to try and blog more. Maybe less frequent but with quality. I'm also gonna do fun things, like going undercover to do missions (don't ask).